Breakthrough Prayer 9pm BST Saturday 11 December

Tonight we pray the Breakthrough Prayer  especially for all those who are severely ill, untreated, dying from neglect and a lack of respect for their physical illness. We keep in our hearts and prayers all those abandoned people who are so precious to God. We pray for wisdom, knowledge, discernment for the medical profession; that ME will finally be acknowledged for the devastating illness it is. We pray especially tonight for those whose lives are devastated by MCS.

We also pray the ME Power Prayer :

Lord be with us now.
Help us  pray and strengthen us in our resolve.
Be a sure light  guiding us forward
Pour out Your Spirit upon us.
Give us the gifts of Wisdom and Discernment.
May the fruits of our labour truly make a difference in the world for ME.
Empower us with Confidence and Hope
Hear and answer  us  in our need Lord
May all barriers to Truth be overcome
May Your healing Power truly flow among us--
May we always do good in Your name.



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