Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 1st January 2011

Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT  Saturday 1st January  2011

To pray in the name of Jesus Christ is to Pray in the Power of Truth and Mercy and that is to pray in the Goodness that is the Heart of Love, the Holy Trinity.

It is to touch all healing, all love, all that is healed ;  therefore your prayer is already answered and touched by that same power, which is the Life of Christ and the Light of Life.

It is Joy complete and utter presence of God.. It is to be truly present with all that is and thus to know with absolute certainty that your prayer is known, heard and answered, all in that moment of praying, for that is the meaning of Mercy; of Christ's death and Resurrection.

It is the completion of healing, the Oneness of Love. It is Truth and it is completely and totally Life evermore.

The Breakthrough Prayer by Theresa and Pauline

God our Father, we love you and know you love us. Today with one voice we beseech you to help us in our suffering.

May we bathe in the light of your love and healing, giving us strength to get through each day. By the power of your Holy Spirit uplift our carers and lighten their heavy load in dealing with this unrelenting illness and their own despair.

Enfold in your special love, those who live alone enduring further isolation and loneliness. Dearest Father we pray fervently for a major medical breakthrough in ME.

Bring your Divine inspiration to the researchers of this terrible disease, which is sweeping across your beloved earth .

May the mountain of ME be removed and thrown into the sea.

Through our faith we trust and thank you , in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, Our Lord. Amen.

It is in this power of prayer that we hold all our hopes for the year ahead. We pray at this time especially that the year will bring new understanding about the physical reality of ME as a neurological disease. We pray that all people who do not understand, friends, family, neighbors, doctors, consultants, nurses, Physio's , OT's, the Benefit Agency, the Government, that all will come to a new wisdom and compassion and truth and brig about a massive change for the good in the lives of people with ME and  their carers.

We pray for healing to be poured into the hurt done by all these people, through ignorance, through fear, through deliberate negation and vested interest.

We pray to banish all evil in Jesus Christ's name. We pray for hope, we pray for miracles, we pray for truth and justice. We pray that this is the year of radical change, in all our lives, for the good.



  1. Praying this prayer...and reposting. God bless you as you suffer and live for HIM...To know Christ and the POWER of HIS resurrection, the fellowship of HIS suffering, being made comformable to HIS death...Phil 3:10

  2. I'm praying this prayer and agreeing, with you. Will be posting on my FB wall. Hi Wild Canary . . . thanks for bringing this to my attention. ❤

  3. Wild Canary & Devonviolet,

    We are delighted to know that you are praying The Breakthrough Prayer with us.

    We pray every week, adding new reflections often upon the current issues affecting people with ME; which we hope will uplift and strengthen. We have great faith in the Brealthrough Prayer and believe that the more we pray this prayer , the more powerful will be the response in people's lives.

    As Wild Canary says , we live in the power of the Resurrection, in total trust and faith.

  4. I have severe M.e (although at the top end, not half as bad as many with severe to very severe M.e) and I am a Christian. I will try and pray this breakthrough prayer regularly.

    Thank you Greg and Linda for all the wonderful work you do highlighting the serious nature of M.E and the psudo science and appalling lack of care by many in the medical professioin. It gives me great comfort that you are involved in campaigning and praying for a breakthrough for M.E. God Bless


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