Into battle !

There's web-designers who cut & paste and there's those who hand-code everything. I take great pride in the latter; in a  way there is something almost medieval about HTML ; it  gives me great pleasure, I don't know why.

It is with the quiet glow of the craftsman at work,   that I upload a correctly-coded, working  page to Stonebird.

Not so last night. We have a 17 year old book in which every New Year's Eve, we write down our reflections on the past year; we began it when we first got married. My contribution last night roared with fighting talk; for I was wild, having just coded and  posted Kevin Short's lengthy Zombie Science and the Non-Random UK 'CFS/ME' PACE Trial. It's on the right hand side of,  under"Essential Reading".

I mean : take the way that these lies are portrayed as a fact :

GET manual Page 23 -

"The more severely disabled group of CFS/ME patients were excluded from previous studies as the studies involved an exercise test that may have been too challenging.

However due to greater levels of inactivity in the more severely disabled group, the deconditioning model should apply equally if not more to these patients."

GET manual Page 50 -

"A central concept of GET is to MAINTAIN exercise as much as possible during a CFS/ME

CBT Therapists Manual Page 50 -

"Current situation (housing, living with, work, benefits, interests)

This section will draw together a lot of what you may already know. It may help you determine areas that will need to be addressed in your sessions. For example, it may draw your attention to problem areas such as inadequate housing, financial difficulties due to not working that may be factors that are contributing to the maintenance of their CFS/ME. Although you will have asked about employment and benefits, it would be useful to find out, if they are not working, whether they want to return to their previous job.

There is some evidence to suggest that being on benefits and/or income protection (IP) are poor prognostic factors as they are contingent upon the patient remaining unwell. Knowing about their current interests/hobbies may be helpful when you come to discuss targets for treatment."

.. that is just a tiny part of Kev's extraordinary,  must-read document. There's much, much more.

Contemplate, will you, for one second,  on the havoc that will be unleashed, on the harm that will be done, on the deaths that will happen, if NICE takes these idiotic ramblings seriously.

I don't know about you but I have arrived at Jan 1st 2011, like a Spartan warrior. I am just not going to put up with this cruel, life-destroying deceit a moment longer.

I will be writing a lot of code this  new year, doing everything in my power to expose the PACE trial for the fraud that it is. 


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