Perfume Sensitivity makes an impossible life a nightmare. I have become very good at asking any tradesman who has to visit, not to wear any aftershave or perfumed product.

Not easy!

If someone pats our irresistibly cute Corgi, who goes around wagging his tail and making eyes at everyone, it's horrifying if they are wearing perfume. Hours of torment can follow.

The neighbour's washing, wafting waves of fabric conditioner across our garden, makes outside a no go area.

Letters and parcels are a huge problem; inevitably they smell of chemicals. Just the slightest whiff does immense harm. We have to be so careful, gloves and bags at hand.

We have not been able to find a mask that Linda can tolerate. One that we did order, from a so-called Eco store, had to be hung on the line for days, it smelt so much.

If I dare go anywhere, I need to shower and change very, very quickly.

The house badly needs decorating. We spent a fortune, £70 a can, on "Odour-free" paint, only to find it isn't. The company refuses to take it back.

Perfume Sensitivity; it has to be the most disabling, most lonely symptom of all.


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