You know the old saying,, you spend all your life climbing the ladder, only to find it was up against the wrong wall. So, what wall is your ladder propped up against? Is it the right or wrong wall? It’s a question you may want to answer, before it’s too late. Me, I’ve spent decades of my precious time, battling for the truth of ME to be heard. I am not saying that I have wasted my time - though, when you stand back ask the question, as I have recently, was there ever any realistic chance of overturning the all-powerful psychiatric establishment, it is hard not to wonder if all this time I’ve been trying to clamber up the wrong wall. All day yesterday, I was filled with the most tremendous pride and admiration for Kara Jane Spencer, without whom, my book, Notes For Carers, to which she contributed her enthusiastic, loving support plus a great deal of absolutely superb material, would be a much lesser work, if it existed at all. Here she is, all over the BBC, doing more to raise awareness of ME than most of us will ever do in a lifetime, all through her music, her courage and her extraordinary strength of character. Me, I’ve spent precious years putting my music last, before my books and articles. Yet to my bones, I am a musician. Song writing, composing, recording fills me with infinite joy. So Kara’s has taught me an immensely valuable lesson - in doing what YOU CAN- with all your heart and soul, no matter how difficult your circumstances or constrictions, you WILL make all the difference. Maybe I can’t change the lies, put out by those in power but I can be truth in all aspects my own life. Maybe I can’t change the rampant mistreatment and abuse of the most ill, but I can love and protect those I care for with all my heart. I certainly can’t, not in my circumstance , go on marches, go to meetings anymore, give talks, lobby, protest, but, hey, I’ve got this guitar and I can play it with all my soul! Such is the power of music and such is the bright light that Kara shines !!


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